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Susesi Luxury Resort offers unlimited options to those who want to lead a healthy and active life through its sport facilities within the hotel and various other sport facilities nearby.
All sportive activities held within Susesi Luxury Resort are carried out under the observation of expert trainers.


Either played individually against a single opponent or as doubles, tennis is a game based on gaining points by batting the ball to the half-court of the opponent using rackets strung with cord. The main obstacle is to strike the ball over a net in the middle.

It is an individual sport rather than a team sport. The object is to strike the ball in such a way that the opponent makes a mistake inside his or her court and is unable to return the ball.

Although tennis dates back to a game played by hand in France in the Middle Ages, the modern version emerged in England in the 1800s and initially became popular in the English speaking countries. It is an Olympic sport with players at all levels, ages and from various countries around the world.

While tennis is one of the most challenging sports as it makes us run and sweat all around the court, it is also great fun. Tennis is widely known and played in our country including international tournaments.

Tennis is played on a rectangular flat court made of concrete (hard court), clay, grass or wood. Professional tennis courts have certain measurements.

At Susesi Luxury Resort, you can easily benefit from all the advantages of this sport and take private lessons from our trainers on our two tennis courts



The objective is to knock down 9 or 10 pins placed behind the fault line at the end of an approximately 18-meter-long lane with a ball with three finger holes.. This is a popular sport in Turkey as well.

Professional games are organized by the Bocce Bowling and Dart Federation of Turkey. There are two types of bowling. The widely preferred game in Turkey is the 10 pin version.

In our bowling hall furnished with professional equipments at the Susesi Luxury Resort, you can enjoy a fun night playing bowling with your loved ones and also taste our delicious cocktails at the cafe-bar located inside the bowling complex.



An English word, fitness means exactly being and staying healthy and in good shape. In this respect, fitness is a type of sport that includes various types of exercise. Unlike other sports, all muscles are worked and tightened using various exercise equipments during fitness.

Condition programs differ from person to person and are prepared according to the needs of each person. There is no exercise standard in this respect. An exercise program designed according to the age, lifestyle, and body type of the person is the best method to follow for fitness.

You can decide on which exercises are the best for your age and body type during a meeting with our expert trainers at the fitness center of Susesi Luxury Resort furnished with the latest equipments.



Lessons for various dancing styles are lessons offered at our hotel. Dancing is a type of exercise that makes the body sway both ecstatically and physically in tune with the rhythm of the music also ensuring that the dancer stays in shape.

For more information on dance lessons to help you get into a groove, please feel free to contact our trainers



As a fitness practice and a method to stay in shape, Pilates has been getting more and more popular over the last years is highly popular especially among our female guests.

Developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1880s to keep in shape, this sport is the synthesis of balance and breathing techniques aimed at creating a unity of the body and mind.



It is a competitive racket sport played by two players (by four players in doubles) with a racket and ball. Squash has been recognized by the international Olympics committee and is expected to become an Olympic sport in the future.

Squash was born in the 16th century France. It is a game played by batting a ball against the wall just for fun. Squash has a great fan base all around the world. Since it is a sport that makes a person run and sweat a lot, it is usually preferred by fitness fans.



Yoga is a system that aims to relax a person physically and mentally within a meditative state by relaxing the body temporarily with stretching exercises and ensuring that the yogi (the practitioner of yoga) gains control over their body.

Yoga activates the energy centres within the body and opens the chakras. Currently, yoga is a widely popular type of exercise all around the world and you can receive beginner’s lessons from our professional trainers


One of the best ways to enjoy life is to lead an active life. In order to meet the demands and wishes of our guests who want to embrace life as a fun, active, sportive and healthy festival, we are offering various activities with our trainers in various different categories.  

If you want to stay energetic and fit, you can join the activities we have prepared for you under the guidance of our professional trainers whether you are on the beach or at the pool.  

As long as you want to exercise, your wish is an order to us… 

“As long as you want to exercise, sports opportunities are unlimited at Susesi.”

– Susesi Luxury Resort


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