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Dynamism and comfort
The interior design of Susesi Luxury Resort is dynamic, comfortable and attractive. With its avant-garde style with neoclassical touches, the resort smartly combines luxury and comfort.


As the Susesi Luxury Resort team, we believe that “quality life,” “quality food” and “a great holiday” is the birthright of all our guests. Therefore, we aim to offer a “quality niche” service instead of “superfluous and extravagant.”

To us, luxury is not an exaggerated and excessively expensive” type of service, but a comfortable and attractive lifestyle. What distinguishes our approach to luxury from other examples around us is our 7-yearf experience that combines appeal and esthetics, comfort and elegance. B Since quality of service precedes the splendour of presentation at Susesi, the taste of the food precedes the glamour of the plate; i.e., function always precedes form.

For this reason, at Susesi Luxury Resort, we ask all our employees to focus on one task only: “To make our guests feel more valuable than ever before.”

This service approach has enabled us to reach highest satisfaction and performance levels in evaluations carried out by various independent evaluation platforms in the region since the day we came into business, rewarding all our efforts to date.

For an unforgettable holiday that you want to revisit every summer, we heartily invite you to Susesi Luxury Resort. We regard it as our duty to ascertain that you leave our facilities with great satisfaction.



  • The three main factors behind our success are friendliness, sincerity and transparency
  • Our main principle is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction through high quality service.
  • Contemplating on ways to excel over the expectations of our customers, we strive to create new concepts.
  • Each member of our team is a reliable, fit and friendly host.
  • Our top priority is to establish perfect communication with our guests and improve the synergy between our employees.


Beyaz Yıldız

We set new targets for a clean environment and a high quality future every year. Although our main priority is to minimize waste, we also sort the wastes created during our production phases and strive to recycle them, and remove and destroy unrecyclable wastes in accordance with the laws and in an environment-friendly manner.

In order to minimize our use of natural resources and our waste production, we strive to develop new methods to prevent pollution through eco-friendly projects and to ensure sustainability of the environmental protection systems.

– ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems

– ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System

– ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System

Susesi Luxury Resort prioritizes customer satisfaction and health in its Food and Environmental Policies. Besides the granted certificates, the hotel has also proven its environmentally-friendly status with the White Star award from the TUROFED Project, the Green Hotels award from the TUROB Project, and the Blue Flag received every year.

In this respect; our hotel has adopted the following principles:

  • Abiding by all the legislation and administrative arrangements regarding the environment;
  • Establishing, effectively implementing and allocating the resources required to ensure the sustainability of the ISO 140001 Environment Management System;
  • Using energy and natural resources at an optimal level;
  • Conforming to the environmental criteria regarding the raw materials and auxiliary materials used, and controlling any negative effects of such materials;
  • Preventing pollution, minimizing wastes and sorting wastes at the source to ensure maximum recycling;
  • Raising the awareness of the employees and informing and motivating them in environmental issues through trainings;

• Constantly improving its environmental performance.



Our Mission 

Contributing to the development of our country’s tourism while ensuring customer satisfaction through quality service with a global concept,.

Our Vision 

To become a leading, innovative and corporate brand in the sector prioritizing customer satisfaction in all the areas of service with our loyal employees.



The Susesi Luxury Resort meticulously implements the latest human resources policies ofthe sector. These policies are updated depending on all kinds of legal, sectoral and social requirements and customized according to the current conditions and needs of our customers and our staff.

Our working conditions and human resources values include honesty, open communication, respect, respecting cultural differences, passion, perfectionism, team work, innovation, creativity, improving skills and personal empowerment.

Continuous development

Our aim is to ensure the continuous development of all our employees. Regular trainings tailored according to our requirements are provided to all our staff by some of the best training companies in Turkey.


We started our journey with the idea that the key to perfection is in the hands of our employees. Therefore, we have created an environment that will improve the sense of belonging in our employees by maintaining open channels of communication and sharing within the company.

The Staff and internal communication

Through periodic briefings conducted by our executives, our staff is informed about the sectoral and in-house dynamics by the most competent authorities.

Our priorities in implementing these policies:

  • Considering the possible needs that may arise in the future in recruitment and employment planning and providing equal opportunities to all candidates during the recruitment process;
  • Establishing functioning systems for progress, performance development and effective career management of our employees;

• Adopting an approach that will improve loyalty by taking the suggestions and expectations of our employees in consideration;


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Susesi Luxury Resort founded with the equities of İçdaş A.Ş. in September 2007 provides food, beverage and accommodation services 24/7 with a 5-star “Ultra All Inclusive” concept.

The hotel is located at the seaside 2 kilometres away from Belek’s center, 35 kilometres from the Antalya International Airport, 40 kilometres from the Antalya city center.

Our hotel has 554 rooms of different types and has a capacity of accommodating 1200 guests. All our rooms offer a tea-coffee set up, bathrobes, slippers, minibar, Wi-Fi and digital safe deposit boxes. All our rooms are furnished with LCD TVs and central A/C. Our housekeeping service cleans the rooms and provides fresh linen and towels on a daily basis.

Our hotel has a 300-metre-long beach and we provide free sunbathing equipment such as sunbeds, beach towels, cushions, etc. to all our guests. Susesi Luxury Resort also has a waterpark and a Kids club staffed with trained child care professionals.

Our facility offers food and beverage services at 13 restaurants including 6 themed à la carte restaurants, 2 open buffets and various snack restaurants and 12 bars. In addition, there is a 6000 m2-wide congress centre including a 3600m2 foyer area reserved for congresses and conventions.

“Susesi Luxury Resort is at the service of its guests with high customer satisfaction as assessed by independent assessment agencies. ”

– Susesi Luxury Resort


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