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14 golf courses furnished with new equipment among the green forests awaits you at Belek, the new favourite location of both local and foreign golf players.
At the Susesi Luxury Resort, you don’t have to get stuck in one golf course. We have agreements with 3 clubs and they are waiting for you for a lovely day
For those who want to learn to play gold, there is the chance to attend the courses given by the International Golden Swing Golf Academy


As the Susesi Luxury Resort Team, we love golf as much our guests who are passionate about this sport. If you visit our contracted courses frequently, you will see that our staff is knowledgeable about this sport and you will also have the chance to get to know the golf players better to understand their needs.

As a hotel active in Belek – Turkey’s golf center for the last 7 years – we have gained great experience and expertise in golf. Thus, we have prepared a comprehensive, great package that will cater to all the needs of golf lovers The package is presented in detail below is offered free of charge to all our golf trainees and players at the Susesi.

Good luck with your game!


  • Game reservations
  • Welcome cocktails
  • Golf Course transfers
  • Min. 15 minute-massages for 7 nights
  • 20% discount at all treatments at the La Calisse Spa
  • Early check in/late checkout subject to availability
  • Fruit basket served to the room
  • Upgrade to a room with a seaview (subject to availability)

Contracted Golf Clubs

  • Karya Golf Club
  • National Golf Club
  • Tat Golf Club


Whether you have decided to become a golfer or your are just an amateur willing to take a chance on this sport, you are at the right place to begin golf.

With the two special training programs for beginners and at the end of these golf courses, you will be able to perform to try your hand at all kinds of golf shots (full-swing, pitching, chipping, bunker shots and putting). Along with the fundamental rules of golf, you will also learn the golf etiquette!

If you are unsure about what to should wear for the first lesson, here’s a quick suggestion:

  • Polo shirt
  • Shorts (not beach or basketball shorts) or pants (excluding jeans)
  • Golf shoes or trainers


  • Golf lesson in English, German, Russian, Turkish, French and Finnish
  • (Personal or group) lessons for beginners
  • Golf clinics for medium and advanced level players
  • Children’s programs
  • Game cycles (rules, etiquette, use of the course and mental preparation
  • Workshop services (maintenance, grip and lie angel change)
  • Club Fitting
  • Indoor training area and grass course
  • Individual training room: All the training equipment are ready here. It helps the player to get the best results from lessons. Moreover, it may be used to refresh the skills every season.
  • Short golf courses at world standards: Using the course for each of the putting, chipping, pitching and bunker shots will ensure perfection in a short game.
  • Dartfish video swing analyzer: This program enables comparison between professional players by analysing the swings.
  • SAM putt lab: Getting information on your putting shot, correcting your mistakes, improving your game on the green.
  • EDH Radar system will provide you with flight information on the ball: orbit, speed, backspin, shooting angle, distance.
  • Different golf practices will help you to correct your mistakes easily.

It is our pride to offer the best golf training to our customers. Therefore, we use state- of-the-art equipment in the lessons given by our experienced trainers.

Don’t forget: At the end of your visit to Golden Swing Golf Academy, you receive a CD of swing analysis upon request. This will remind you what to practice in the future.



Golf was first played by Protestant priests in the 1400s in the Netherlands. The word “golf” also means a cane in Dutch -. In the middle of the same century, the game was introduced to Scotland and became so popular there that it was adopted as a national game. After the establishment of the “St. Andrews Golf Club” by the English King William IV, golf also became popular in England. At the beginning, there were only small-scale competitions and the first championship was arranged in 1860 in Scotland.

The target of golf is to send the balls into a series of holes with as few strokes as possible. There are 18 (sometimes 9) holes in a 50.000 m2 golf course. After the starting point, there is a 20 to 50-meter-wide game field with trimmed grass surrounded by bushes, trees, streams or ditches. All 4 of the golf courses including a tee, a fairway and the green are 200 meters long, while 14 of them are between 200 to 500 meters. The lengths of the 18 courses vary between 4500 to 7000 meters.

The real rival of a golfer is not other players, but himself/herself and the golf course ahead. Therefore, professional golf is honoured by those that value fair play.

Golf is based on rules that are based on two main principles: Following these principles will gather respect. Golf is a striking industry worth millions of Dollars.

Golf is especially popular and high level in the U.K. and the U.S. There are more than 25,000 golf courses and 35 million golfers in the U.S. The sport is also common in European countries. The U.K., France, Sweden, France and Italy are among the countries where golf is popular.

There are four major global tournaments: The season opens in April with the Masters and ends with the PGA. These four tournaments are:

* The Masters
* U.S. Open
* The Open
* PGA Championship

Please respect the golf course and other golf players.

Enjoy your game!


We have great news for those who have turned golf into a lifestyle and for those who want to take up golf. Susesi Golf Academy has prepared great course tours and a training program both for professionals and amateur golfers in Belek, Turkey’s most prominent center for golf.

Would you like to visit our 14 golf courses surrounded by the exquisitely beautiful forests and the Mediterranean at Belek, the new favourite spot of golf players?

Offering great options thanks to its location and an ultra-luxury service concept to golf lovers, Susesi Luxury Resort guarantees a wonderful holiday with its rich and delicious kitchen, wonderful SPA center, and unique shows along with golf.


“Whether you are a professional golfer or a beginner, you will find lots of attractions in Belek, the new golf centre of Turkey.”

– Susesi Luxury Resort


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